Who is The Free Range Chick (er, Chic)?

TFRC is Ava, a forever 28-year-old (former) Fashion Designer, turned self-employed freelancer with a terrible case of wanderlust. You’ll find her traipsing about USA and the world whenever she can afford it.

Who am I?

Hello! This is me, Ava.  And this is my blog, the Free Range Chic. It combines all of the things I love: Travel, Business and sometimes Food and Fashion. But mostly money, business and travel.

I have daydreamed of traveling my whole life.  When I was 28, I got over my fear of flying through a hypnotherapy session I experienced and since then, I have never been the same. True story. I was raised in Texas and began my career as a fashion designer in 2005. While attending college, I launched my first collection of bridal dresses and debuted the line at the Austin Fashion Week and Dallas Market that year. Before it was all said and done, I had jumped feet first into fashion. Fast forward to today, and I’m a freelance Creative Director with a passion for Digital marketing and blogging. Combining the two things I love the most: Travel and Business was my ultimate goal. In 2017, I have managed to attain the goal of working for myself and traveling whenever I want. I call this my “Beach Boss” lifestyle.

I am creative. Introspective. Sometimes a lost girl floating around in the cosmos. At times a woman with her feet planted firmly on the ground. A right brainer and a left brainer. Silly sometimes. Too pragmatic at other times. A great listener. Gift of gabber. Great friend. Lover of love. Just another human, fumbling her way through life and learning as she goes.

If you want to get in touch with me, please feel free to drop me a line here.

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