This is What Happened When I Quit My Job

This is What Happened When I Quit My Job

Do you want to quit your job and just travel full time and be a blogger? Or maybe you want to work from wherever you are as a freelancer. Of course you do. That’s probably why you’re reading this; It’s no accident you found this info right here, right now. I believe in serendipity. Or, The Law of Attraction, magic, God, the energetic universe, whatever you want to call it, it’s real. I also believe we can create whatever we want. There are no limitations on what you can do, manifest, create, by whatever philosophy you believe. If you want it and believe it can be yours, the Universal Law states it must be. So, with that in mind, keep reading.

I’m pretty sure you’re here to see how well I fared when I quit my job, so you can decide if it’s right for you. And I must add, I did this using the aforementioned “law” and a little (ok, a lot of) grinding. What started off as my side hustle took center stage and became enough for me to quit my 9-6. But I’ve also realized over the years that it takes courage to start the wheels turning and faith and patience to keep them going.

How to quit your job and do what you want

Most people want the “travel blogger lifestyle”. And what it mostly boils down to is this: Freedom. I think it’s what we all want and certainly what I aimed for most of my adult life. Up until the last decade, none of us had that opportunity quite as much as we do now. We are living in a very interesting and incredible time where technology, creativity and global connectivity allows us do things we never thought possible. It’s a gift. Grab it.

Whatever it is you love to do when you’re not working, find a way to turn that into your business and go for it.

Whether you want to blog full time, or go freelance or be a consultant, make stuff, etc. I am going to say first and foremost: There is plenty of room for you to accomplish this. Welcome to the gig economy! You HAVE a skill that is valuable to others. Everyone does. Even if you think your skill is “not quite ‘there’ yet”, I encourage you to: recognize it, validate it and then sharpen it. Sharpen it like a samurai sword and invest in yourself. Make yourself as valuable as humanly possible. See yourself as a freakin’ superhero of whatever it is you do. Wake up every morning and whether you’re there yet or not, say, “I AM A MASTER AT ______”. Trust me, whatever you state, you will become. This works for better or for worse. So stop saying you’re fat, ugly, broke, etc! Stop the negative self talk TODAY.

A Snippet of My Story

I’ll tell you a little back story about my experience and let you in on a few secrets to take with you. Quitting my hamster in the wheel scenario, being financially independent and working from home (or Hawaii or wherever I found myself at the time) was my ultimate goal two years ago. And I was on a mission to make sure I accomplished this. But many, many years before this second epiphany, I found myself in a similar place.

In my 20s, I wanted nothing more than to be a fashion designer. At a party for spiritual gurus, movers and shakers, I met a woman – the hostess of the party – who owned the elaborate home in Dallas we were all moving and shaking at. She didn’t know it, but she would change the way I thought forever. She taught me the valuable lesson of ‘Speak it and be it’. She looked at me and asked, “What do you do?” And I started with, “Well, I want to be a fashion design..”. That’s where she cut me off and asked me to state out loud, right there, “I AM a fashion designer”. And with that she said, “Speak it and be it; Speak it and become it”.  At the time, I was a 27 year old who had only had one semester of design school under my belt. And as for personal spiritual growth, I was a mere babe. I had only read In the Meantime by Iyanla Vanzant. My journey was just beginning and this amazing queen was light years ahead of me, but I trusted her word beyond measure because she had proof to back it up! You know what happened 2 years later?  I was hired as a Fashion Designer with no college degree for a large company in Dallas. In that 2 year time frame after I met that wonderful woman and spoke what I was to be, I designed dozens of garments and sold over a hundred dresses I had designed. But before that, I worked on myself, honed my skills and developed some major street cred because of the commitment I made to be a fashion designer. My career didn’t end there. I went on to become one of the industry’s best denim designers. I designed for multi-million dollar lines, created hundreds of pieces, was approached by factories, Parson’s design grads and major companies to either show them how I created my CADS or design their denim collections. 

Fast forward now to 2015.

Over 10 years had passed and everything for me had totally shifted. I was no longer interested in doing the corporate fashion nonsense, or designing clothes. I had been juggling fashion and social media marketing for the last several years. But now I wanted (needed) something that provided more freedom, less stress. I wanted a career that was more fluid. I realized my current profession as a fashion designer was going to have to exit stage left to make room for the new future and the new profession I found myself in, which was digital marketing. I struggled with this pretty badly. Shifting gears in my late 30s-early 40s was freaky. I listened to every TedTalk and YouTube guru I could, until it finally sunk in. The overarching message behind every successful author, business woman/man, public speaker, motivator, etc. was this: Decide. Make yourself valuable, stick to the decision, believe in yourself 100% and be willing to do the work.

I had already decided: Fashion design was simply not conducive to me working from a warm beach in Hawaii or south France. It required way too many accessories (fabric, samples, rulers, mannequins, etc.) So, I got rid of everything fashion related. I literally DECIDED, and it changed my course.

If you want to soar with eagles, you can’t peck with chickens.

After the big decision, and after I kind of went into autopilot and started purging all of the things in my life that didn’t serve or match to the end goal, my office space was now clutter free and I no longer had the weight of dead, expensive projects hanging around my neck. With the fat trimmed, I was able to concentrate on the meat of my goal. It was now time to hunker down and work on my other skillset: Me, as a Digital Media Marketer.

Let me say, this was a hard time! Nobody ever said switching tracks in your career is easy. It was scary for me, and it had plenty of ups and downs but I believed in myself enough to know I had this. Over the course of the next two years, I read every article or book I could get my hands on about digital marketing and social media, I plugged away with blogging, building WordPress websites, creative content, and learned how to make passive income with eBooks and affiliate networks; I learned SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook advertising and got pretty darn good at social media marketing. I was now deep in the trenches of digital marketing! 

The Power of ‘I AM’

You see, what you want and who you want to be, or the life you want to live isn’t about asking and hoping your wish will be granted, nor is it about negotiation; It’s about YOU being the ultimate CREATOR of YOUR life and story. Doesn’t that just sound and feel awesome and limitless? Good, because that’s exactly what it is! Don’t overthink it. Creation begins with a statement of “I AM ______ (fill in the blank with whatever it is you want to be/do).

So, my  ‘I am’ in 2016 was this, “I am earning $5,000 per month and earning $100K per year by the end of 2017.” When I said this, I honestly had no idea how, I just knew I would. And I hoped it would be from Social Media Marketing. In fact, I was pretty sure it would be. It was my BIG GOAL, after all. And a Digital Marketer is who I said I was, so the rest had to follow, right? Right. Of course it did. Just as it had decades prior.

The Big Goal

So you have THE BIG GOAL, which is to travel, be financially independent and earning $20,000 per month or whatever your BIG GOAL is. Once you define THE BIG GOAL, all of the little goal steps you make along the way will be in alignment with THE BIG GOAL. Or at least, they should be. If you are faced with a decision about something, ask yourself, “Is this in alignment with where I want to go”? If it isn’t, throw it out. Stay the course!

Your actions MUST match your end goal

For example, if you want to take a direct trip to Los Angeles, California, you wouldn’t take a highway up to Montreal, Canada, would you? The same is true with your end goal. Once you’ve made your mind up for what THAT is, all decisions, actions, goals should match with your end result. Once you tell your brain where you want to go, it (and the universe) will help you in getting there. When we decide to be or do something, our brain not only sets us up to go in that direction, but we find we are accomplishing every goal along the way that leads to the big goal. Call it an energetic occurrence or whatever, but it seems to be a universal law. If you find yourself all over the place, it’s most likely because your goals and thoughts are all over the place. Remember, wherever your thoughts go, energy flows. If you keep changing up the story, the road trip is gonna be a long one before you finally get to LA. 

What do you want to experience?

If you find yourself changing your course often, ask yourself not what you want to do, but what it is you want to feel or experience. Many times, we may find ourselves floundering because we are lacking something deeper and more emotional. Perhaps we are looking to address an emotional need and we do this by trying replace it with tangible stuff or projects.

Ask yourself this question when it comes to your job or current business model: Does it serve my end goal?


The key steps to quit your day job to do what you want are this:

1. Deciding what you want – Decision is a powerful action. Do it without hesitation.

2. Speaking it into creation – Don’t allow for negotiation on who or what you want to do, or be. Speak it. It is yours.

3. Committing to that goal 100% – This means staying focused; commit yourself to become valuable in whatever it is you want to do or be. Hone your skills, learn everything you need to learn. Honing your skills is your “side hustle”.

4. Knowing it is yours and staying the course – It may be scary or tiresome sometimes, but you have to keep pushing forward, knowing it’s coming, knowing it’s working itself out. HAVE FAITH.

Fed Up

So in 2016 when I officially became fed up with being broke, I decided it was time to spread my wings and implement what I had learned over the years. I applied for a local job as a Social Media Marketing Manager. I know, it seems a little counter productive to ‘living a free and independent life making $100K per year’, but hear me out. There was an end goal, and this one step fit into the grand staircase.

I was hired immediately and did the 8-5 with a daily commute of over 40 minutes each way. I loved my job and the people I worked with, but I began to feel sidetracked. I was spending 50 hours a week working to build a nest egg and pay bills. I was happy about the steady pay, really happy. But there was very little time for anything else in my life. My mother of course chimed, “Welcome to my world! This is what most people do their whole lives!”  To which I’d respond, “I’m not most people”.

Every day I was up at 5:30 AM and back home by about 6 PM. I’d let the dogs out, feed the dogs, make dinner, eat, sit in front of the TV until I fell asleep, get up from the couch, flop into bed at 10:30 and then do it all again the next day. You know this routine. I needed more time to do normal stuff like clean the house, walk my dogs, go to the gym. I gained 5 lbs in 3 months from just sitting.

Dream it and achieve it.

I then began to envision the perfect scenario: Me working for that same company, but on a freelance basis. As my own agency. I didn’t know how it would all turn out, but I just went with my law of the universe assumption and did what I always did, spoke it.  Again, you can’t get to LA if you’re driving to Montreal, right?

I quit my day job to pursue my day dream

After deciding everything would be A-OK, no matter what, I went in on a Monday and politely turned in my resignation letter. They were kind and sent me off on a good note. I took a deep breath as I drove home that morning and for the next few days told myself to be patient and wait for their call. As the Law of the Universe would have it, I got an email two weeks later asking me to work for them doing the same work – from home. I had become so valuable in their company they would rather have me working as a free agent than to hire someone else onsite. My perfect scenario came to be.

That month I went from punching in and out, making $2,800 month to over $5,000 per month when I gained not only them but another company as a client for Digital Marketing. In less than a 3 month time span, I went from $400 per month to over $5,000/mo. And with the freedom to manage my time, I was able to devote more time to my blog again, which currently earns over $1,000 per month in passive income (i.e. ad revenue and affiliate marketing).

My goal at the tail in of 2016 was to be earning $100K by the end of 2017. It’s May 2017 right now and I am almost 2/3 of the way there at $72,000. Where the other $28K will come from, who knows?  But I know it will. It can’t not. And this is why I have shared this very personal story and philosophy with you. I am hoping it will reach whomever it needs to reach at the right time because, again, I believe in serendipity. You are infinite. Get out there and be fearless, write the story of your life. Don’t be afraid to quit if it’s not bringing you joy or what you want. I did it twice and I’m doing pretty A-OK.

P.S. If for a moment you think you can’t do what I did, drop me an email. I will get you back on track!  🙂

Do you have a similar story? I want to hear about it!! 

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