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Are you a woman who has always wanted to travel solo but don’t really want to be alone? Are there places in the world you want to explore but no one to travel with? Does traveling solo but meeting up with a fun group of women when you get to your destination sound like your idea of an awesome vacation?  Being a “free range” traveler, this is how I like to do it. My vacation packages are inspired by my solo trip to Nice, France in 2009. I really wanted to visit the French Riviera but there was no one to go with me. I really didn’t want to miss out, so I booked my ticket and went by myself. I had no idea who I would meet when I got there, if anyone, but I was hoping to meet a friend. As it turned out, I did! I met a wonderful young lady who was also traveling solo and we explored most of south France together for 4 days. It was the perfect way for both of us to explore the city and surroundings. This inspired me to create The Free Range Chicks Travel Group: A group of free spirited, solo travelling women. We meet at a destination, explore on our own, with another travel buddy or in the group – there are no rules or expectations, no “tours” or requirements! But we are all there to share the experience, use the buddy system when needed and support each other in the adventure!

Besides being able to explore on your own terms, the other cool aspects about our travel group are:

  • Our group sizes are small and intimate. You’ll definitely make a few life long friends after it’s said and done!
  • We’ll have boutique villas to stay at sometimes, with a local chef preparing native cuisines
  • We incorporate cool activities on-site like early morning yoga, or evening meals al fresco
  • We travel in style, but because we are a group, we get budget group rates!
  • We love taking photos and sharing those photos with others in our group!

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